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Getting Started

A child care provider can start in the CACFP after completing an Informational Session and a Pre-Approval Visit. To register for the next Informational Session, please contact us.

Upon completion of a Pre-Approval Visit, a Continuous Application and Agreement (DOH-3705) and CACFP Pre-Approval Checklist (CACFP-106) must be completed in order to participate.  This will be kept on file and does not require you to complete annually.  Once enrolled, providers are assigned a tier reimbursement based upon one of the following three (3) rates:

1.    Tier I – You will qualify for higher rates based on census information, school district, or household income.  All meals will be reimbursed at the Tier 1.

2.    Tier II – If you do not qualify for Tier I rates, all meals will be reimbursed at Tier II.

3.    Mixed – If do not qualify for Tier I rates, you canchoose to distribute Income Eligibility Applications (DOH 4162) to your day care children. Meals for children that satisfy the income guidelines will be reimbursed at Tier I and all others will be paid at Tier II.

To ensure your success in the program, a CACFP monitor will visit you within the first twenty-eight (28) days of participation to review the requirements of the program and to review meal claim records submitted.