Diaper Drive

Diaper Drive Grant Application

Family, Group Family and Legally Exempt Child Care Providers in Erie and Niagara County who meet the criteria listed on the application are encouraged to apply for Child Care Resource Network’s Diaper Drive Program. The diaper for this program were donations as a result of our 2023 Diaper Drive Fundraiser.


PLEASE NOTE: Diapers will be dispersed on a first come basis until sizes are all given out.

Applications can be mailed to: 

Child Care Resource Network
Attention: Julia Ambrose
1000 Hertel Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14216

Or emailed to: outreach@wnychildren.org

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On average, diapers cost $0.30 each, and babies go through about 300 diapers a month. That’s $90 in diapers alone, and diaper expenses can increase if a child gets sick. Many families struggle to cover the cost of diapers with 1 in 3 parents reporting that they can’t afford enough diapers to keep their children clean and dry. In Erie County, there are more than 49,000 children under 5 living in poverty, and many of those families struggle to provide diapers. The COVID-19 Pandemic has only increased the need for thousands of families in Western New York.  


The Impact of your Gift

We are so grateful to have been a previous recipient of the Diaper Grant. This made a huge impact on our families.  Our families provide diapers for their children while they are in child care with us.  Once we received the diapers, our parents did not have to bring diapers in until the supply was gone.  The supply lasted us around 6-9 months.  This was a great financial savings for our families.  They were most appreciative of this monetary relief.  

-Kathy from Chautauqua Lake Child Care Center (2019 Diaper Grant Recipient)

Two infants

“We at Starlight Family Daycare Center LLC would like to thank you for the diapers. This has helped several of our parents tremendously. Diapers can cost a lot of money and it eased the burden of not having to buy some for a while. We are appreciative of the large number of diaper it allowed us to help quite a few children. THANK YOU from the staff, children, and parents”

-Ms. Stefaniee Kerr, Starlight Family Daycare LLC (2018 Diaper Grant Recipient)

A woman with a child

“The extra diapers are extremely helpful to the families in our little center. Unfortunately, a good deal of our little ones are being raised by single parents and diapers can be so expensive! Often we need to send multiple reminders to get more diapers from the parents. We know this can be a struggle for them to keep a constant supply on hand both at home and at daycare. By having a supply in our center we can sometimes help the families spread their tight budget just a little further through the month.”

-Leah Curran, Center Director,  TLFC Child Care & Learning Center, LLC. (2019 Diaper Grant Recipient)

An infant at play

If your organization is interested in sponsoring or supporting the annual Diaper Drive, please contact
Julia Ambrose at jambrose@wnychildren.org