Eat Well Play Hard with Day Care Homes


Eat Well Play Hard for Day Care Homes

Our CACFP Program is working with the New York State Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP) to offer the Eat Well Play Hard (EWPH)  project this year. Day care home providers and children participating in EWPH will learn new games, taste new foods and share healthy meals. Young children who eat well and play hard grow to become active, healthy teens and adults! 

What is the Eat Well Play Hard with Day Care Homes project?

  • During the 12-week training program you will go to 5 group workshops taught by a nutritionist
  • After each workshop the nutritionist visits your day care home  to do nutrition and movement lessons with you and the children in care
  • The nutritionist will help you make your own plans for improving  nutrition, mealtimes and physical activities for the children in your day care home
  • During the program you will receive a Provider Resource Guide, “Home Pages” to be sent home to the families of children in care, and tool kit items to support child lessons and activities]

What will I learn if I join Eat Well Play Hard?

You will learn how to teach and model the best mealtime and physical activity practices to children in their care.  You will learn to:

  • Include children in simple food preparation and kitchen tasks
  • Serve meals family style, helping children develop skills to serve themselves
  • Make time for more structured and unstructured play each day
  • Teach children games that require active play
  • Conduct food and nutrition activities, such as trying new vegetables and fruits at mealtimes
  • Limit TV and other screen time activities 

At the end of the project, you will have the skills to communicate positive nutrition and physical activity messages to the children and families in your care for years to come!

This program begins on October 10, 2017; sign up is required by September 23, 2017.

For more information about the Eat Well Play Hard with Day Care Homes project and how to learn and earn up to 10 free continuing education hours, please contact:

Karen Kopacz, Director of CACFP

716-877-6666 ext. 3013