Pyramid Model Training


What is Pyramid Model?

To support professionals, gain the necessary knowledge and ability to support child growth and development, New York State has begun implementing the Pyramid Model. The Pyramid Model is a nationally recognized training initiative focused on building the competencies professionals need to build positive relationships with young children. Pyramid Model strategies are based on evidence-based best practices in early childhood. The Pyramid Model is focused on building positive relationships, developing supportive and nurturing environments, teaching social skills, empathy and emotional vocabulary and providing individualized supports when needed.


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What does Pyramid Model do?

Pyramid Model practices:

  • prevent suspensions in child care, prekindergarten, and kindergarten
  • promote brain growth
  • encourage social and emotional growth and development for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers

Pyramid Model implementation:

  • improves the quality in early care and learning settings across New York State
  • helps early childhood teachers learn new skills

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