Giving Back

A donation to Child Care Resource Network is the best way to impact the most children – through the adults that care for and teach them.

There are many ways to give back. Each and every donation, volunteer effort, or contribution to Child Care Resource Network is a direct contribution back into our community. Donations to CCRN go towards educating and training child care providers, helping families to find affordable, accessible, child care that fits their needs, regulating child care programs to keep them safe, and much more. As always, anyone and everyone regardless of race, income, ethnicity, or creed are welcome to use any of our services, many of which are free of charge.


In Winter 2017, we used funds raised during #NYGivesDay to supply over 25,000 diapers – a full year’s supply of diapers – to 18 different child care programs in Western New York.

Throughout the year, we have several fundraisers for various grants that families or child care programs may apply for. 100% of the profits raised from #NYGivesDay went into purchasing the diapers to distribute to the programs. Each program also received 2 hours of education and training relating to diapering techniques and health & safety. Learn more about the program on our #NYGivesDay page.

Thank you, donors!

In Spring 2017, we used funds raised during Spring It On to supply two child care programs with grants of $500 to improve the quality of their child care programs.

Though many deserving child care programs across all 8 counties applied for our Learning Through Play Grant, only two were chosen. Our Education & Training Specialists worked one-on-one with these programs providing hours of support and coaching to decide how to make the child care program even better. 100% of the profits raised from Spring It On went into purchasing the equipment, materials, supplies, and toys to enhance the programs. Visit the Spring It On page for stories and outcomes of the grant.

If you’re interested in making a donation for a specific program or grant or would like to contribute any amount to Child Care Resource Network, please visit our donation page.

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