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Having high-quality child care that is accessible and affordable for Western New Yorkers is important. We need it so local parents and guardians can go to work each day and our economy can continue to grow. It’s our job to be advocates for WNY children.

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Did you know that in Erie County, over 100,000 children have parents that og to work or school every day? Hardworking moms & dads all over our county rely on quality, affordable, and accessible child care to be able to go to work and serve our community. Without child care and after-school programs, this wouldn’t be possible.

These same parents that go to work every day play a big part in making WNY’s economy strong. Did you know that for every $1 invested in early learning initiatives, roughly $8.60 is provided to society as a benefit?

Children who enter school with higher reading levels from early child care programs are less likely to enter the criminal justice system later on in life, saving taxpayers valuable money.

Intervention in early childhood education can reduce the risk for remedial education, reducing the risk of special education placements and remedial education. this lowers public school costs for all taxpayers.

Without the quality, affordable, accessible care reliable providers give children, families, and employers would struggle. National data suggests not having access to stable child care arrangements costs employers $3 Billion each year in lost productivity. 30-40% of parents in Upstate New York report that they call out of work, leave work early or come in late when faced with a child care crisis. Without advocates like you, the child care system will fail.


How Can You Become an Advocate?

Tell your story

As a parent, does having access to high-quality, affordable care allow you to support your family? As an employer, do your employees depend on quality care to come to work each day? Tell us how important it is. Did a lack of child care, or the overwhelming cost of it, cause you to lose your job? We want to know your story.

Contact your legislators

Do you think it’s infuriating that child care costs more than college in Erie County? So do we. Let your legislators know exactly how you feel, and why quality, affordable, accessible child care is so important.

U.S. Senate

U.S. House of Representatives

N.Y.S Assembly

N.Y.S. Senate

Join Child Care Resource Network’s advocacy efforts

Interested in attending a meeting with your local Senator? Want to sign our campaign to make high-quality child care a basic right for all children? By working with CCRN as a local advocate, you’ll get to make a real difference in our community. Sign up for advocacy announcements here, and be the first one to know how you can help to make a difference.