COVID-19 Child Care for Back To School

As students go back to school around Erie County many parents are struggling to strike a new balancing act. The Live Well Erie cares Act Child Care Fund is working with area organizations like Say Yes, BOCES, and the YMCA to open Virtual Support Learning Centers (VSLCs). These are for school aged-children whose district has opted for a hybrid model. VSLCs will be able to provide a safe and healthy supervised environment for children while allowing them to engage in the virtual learning their district requires. VSLCs are free for parents earning 85% of the State Median Income. Some sites are expected to be open by October 5th, others will open sooner. 

Download the VLSC Guide      View a map of all VLSC locations




If you are in need of child care please contact Child Care Resouce Network as soon as possible to begin the matching process. 

You can begin the matching process by clicking the button below or calling one of our Child Care Navigators at 716-877-6666 ext. 3064

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The Erie County Department of Social Services has put temporary measures in place to help people pay for child care. 

-The Erie County Child Care Subsidy program will expand eligibility standards to serve families with incomes up to 85% of the State Median Income (SMI)

-DSS has also waived the 35% family share for those impacted by COVID-19

Contact Erie County DSS by calling: 716-858-8953

The Workforce Development Institute's Child Care Facilitated Enrollment program has expanded its financial assistance program 

Contact the Workforce Development Insitute by phone: 716-632-1900

-CARES Scholarships are available for essential workers through the end of June

Visit WDI Online      Begin the WDI Online Prescreen

Download the Affordability Guide



Child Care Resource Network will provide free child care referrals to any essential worker who needs one. All referrals contain only state-licensed and regulated child care providers, who remain open at this time. 

Your referral will include:

Family/Group Family Programs- These providers care for 3-12 children in a personal residence. These programs are regulated similarly to child care centers and must meet the same strict health and safety guidelines set forth by Albany.

Child Care Centers- These providers care for more than 6 children at a time in a commercial building.