Infant Toddler Mental Health Consultation

What is Infant Toddler Mental Health Consultation?

Infant & Toddler Mental Health Consultation (ITMHC) is an early intervention that benefits infants and toddlers, by pairing a mental health professional with an early childhood educator (provider) to improve the child’s social, emotional and behavioral health. The intended goals of this service are to reduce challenging behaviors, improve social-emotional skills, promote healthy relationships, decrease stress and burnout in early childhood educators (providers), and improve the overall quality of the classroom/program. ITMHC is designed to focus on children from birth to 36 months. This is a free service to Family Day Care, Group Family Day Care, and Day Care Centers across New York State.

How to begin the process and what to expect when you call:

  • The ITMHC will complete an intake form and discuss specific needs and concerns
  • ITMHC will set up an appointment to meet and review agreement forms
  • ITMHC consultation will begin with an overall classroom/program observation and assessment
  • The ITMHC main objective is to provide early intervention by supporting the early childhood educator (provider), so your goals will be tailored to the specific needs of your classroom/program.

To get started reach out to our Infant Toddler Mental Health Consultant Coordinator: Sheila Tumiel at 716-877-6666 ex: 3078 or

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