Legally Enrolled Provider Pre-Service Training Requirement

There have been recent changes in federal law that affect all Legally Exempt child care providers. New York State was required by federal law to add new pre-service health and safety training requirements.

Who must be trained?

All legally enrolled child caregivers must be trained. Also, employees with caregiving roles, and volunteers with the potential for regular and substantial contact with children are required to participate in this health and safety training.

Who does not have to be trained?

The only exception to this training is a grandparent, great-grandparent, sibling (if living in a separate residence), aunt, or uncle who provides care for only a child(ren) related to them. If you fall in one of these categories, you do not have to complete this training requirement.

When does training have to be completed by?

Training should be completed before enrollment is completed. Classes are offered every last Saturday of each month.

What happens if I don’t take the training?

Legally enrolled child care programs whose required individuals do not complete the required health and safety pre-service training within the designated time frame may not be eligible to receive child care subsidies. Failure to obtain the training may result in the termination of the child care program’s enrollment to provide subsidized child care.

How do I take the health and safety training?

There are a few different options individuals may utilize to complete this required health and safety pre-service training:

In the Classroom

Child Care Resource Network is offering a FREE Health and Safety training for Legally Exempt Providers at our office. Register using the buttons below:

There are currently no Health & Safety trainings scheduled for Legally Enrolled Providers.

After you’ve completed your training at CCRN, legally exempt providers must submit a copy of their certificate and the Legally Enrolled Child Care Training Record Form (OCFS Form 4699.3) to their enrollment agency.


Online “E-Learning”

An online, five-hour course is available to take for this required training titled, “Foundations in Health and Safety.” The training must be completed on a PC or MAC computer as mobile devices are not supported; internet access is required. All modules must be completed in full for compliance, and they may be completed in more than one sitting. To get started, each individual taking the course will need to create an ECETP account at the link below. This training is free, and participants will be able to print out a certificate at the end of the training to submit to their enrollment agency as proof of having completed the required training. To get started visit:

IF you have any questions or would like to register for the classroom training, please call our office at 716-877-6666 or visit us at 1000 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216.