School Age Child Care Network

Do you work at or operate a School-Age Child Care Program?

Every month school-age child care (SACC) providers from across the region come together to participate in panel discussions and listen to guest speakers who address topics related to school-age children, youth, and child care programs.

SACC Network events allow providers to network and mingle with one another, share successes and challenges, and learn from professionals in the field. These meetings are free to attend, but participants who wish to recieve 2 hours of training must pay $10 per meeting.

School Age Child Care Network Logo

SACC Network meetings now require registration. All participants are asked to register for the Network meeting ahead of time. To register and learn when our SACC Network meetings take place, please visit our training schedule. 

For more information, contact Sara Rickan at 716-877-6666 ext. 3029.