Customized CDA Course with Doodle Bugs Children's Learning Academy

Regarding the course instructed by Education & Training Specialist Maryann Ciskal:

"I have learned so much throughout the course of this class, and I appreciate your dedication to us, the time you put in, and the fact that you shares so many stories, experiences, and advice with us." -Meg

"I really enjoyed this experience and cannot wait to put in practice everything I learned from you!" -Michelle

"Even after having 22 years of child care experience, I still learned so much from you! Thank you for sharing your knoweldge, expertise, advice, stories, experiences, patience, and support. It truly means a lot." -Dawn

"Thank you for dedicating your time to us and caring so much about our learning experiences! You have brought out a passion in me that will stay forever. I couldn't have asked for a better person to lead our classes." -Gabbie

"I'm excited to use everything we have learned in the classroom!" -Megan

Doodle Bugs Children's Learning Academy Fall 2017 CDA Graduates

September 2017


Cultural Competency Trainings

"I just wanted to reach out again to say what an amazing group of educators you have working at Child Care Resource Network. Michelle spent the evening with us talking with us (and making us think!) about Cultural Competency. She did such a great job. The content was interesting, her stories made it all so relateable, and her approach was great especially for an evening training (we were all pretty tired). So, thank you for sharing her with us. Our team really loves her and we are always excited to see her walk through the door!"

Kim Stewart, Director, Family Help Center

September 2017


Earning a Child Development Associate (CDA)

"As a new licensed daycare provider, I went into CDA class apprehensive as to what the benefits would be, and what the outcome would be. I wasn't sure what to expect or if going through with the process would be beneficial. Now that we are nearing the end, I can say that I'm very happy I decided to join the class when I did. Also, I'm very appreciative of the fact that I had the opportunity to join this version of the CDA class in the classroom. The journey has been incredible. The growth as a provider and as a person, the connections made both with the instructors as a resource and mentor, as well as with the other providers is something that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. I learned a lot about child development, running my business and setting up the environment, among other things that have helped me improve my program.

My instructor, Michelle Wilson, is simply great in every sense of the word. She is knowledgeable, passionate about child development, super helpful and always goes the extra mile teaching us and helping us think more creatively while keeping class engaging. She honestly cares about helping us to be successful. 

To anyone considering taking the CDA class, I would say don't think twice; it can only open doors for you."

Youleidy Vega, Group Family Child Care Provider

CDA Candidate

August 2017


Off-Site Training

"I wanted to thank you once again for your flexibility and ensuring our center remained in compliance with NYS OCFS. I also wanted to express how much my staff and I enjoyed the training with Candice. Being a first-time presenter at our center, Candice did an excellent job at keeping our staff engaged and eager to hear more. She was very animated and made everyone in the room feel comfortable and relaxed, while simultaneously making jokes an reassuring my staff that everything was okay.

Her presentation and activities were spot-on to what my staff needed, and when asked about specific examples that were not training related, Candice was wonderful in answering the question and then returning to the topic. During the training, I noticed that all of my staff members were extremely attentive and taking notes as it showed they were actively learning. At the conclusion of Candice's training, I had several members request Candice as our only trainer from this point on. Even today, two days later, my staff are still talking about how wonderful she was and how they would like for her to come back to our center.

I wanted to share this feedback with you as I believe you have an amazing trainer at your center and she deserves to be recognized. Its not easy coming in for a late training with adults who are tired, but Candice rocked it!"

Jenilyn Vidal, Director, South Campus, University at Buffalo Child Care Center

May 2017


Earning a School-Age Care (SAC) Credential

"I believe the School-Age Child Care class offered by CCRN is extremely beneficial to the development of directors and aspiring directors. The class not only reinforces state laws, but also best practices. The instructor is knowledgeable, accessible, and willing to go the extra mile to assist you where she can. There's a plethora of information that is presented in a condensed, but a structured environment with a clear plan.

The class presents an opportunity to work with colleagues, build relationships, and gain perspective on other ways to accomplish things. Regardless of your title, years of experience, or employer, when you complete the course you're more knowledgeable and comfortable with your career choice. I feel as though my program has improved exponentially because of the knowledge I've gained, and even more so because of the site visits and recommendations made by the instructor."

Robbil Coleman, Site Director

Boys and Girls Club

January 2017


Opening a Child Care Program

"Without Child Care Resource Network, I would not be here. They helped me to take the classes to open my daycare. We had Michelle as a teacher and she helped us so much. Without Michelle, I wouldn't have been able to open my daycare. CCRN helped with paperwork, opening the daycare, and with people who did not speak English. I'm doing so good because every time I have a problem, I come to CCRN and Michelle and she's there. She's always ready to listen, tell us what to do, and where to go."

Solange Niyigena, Group Family Child Care Provider

CDA Candidate

January 2017


The Value of CCRN Membership

"I really enjoy working with the staff at Child Care Resource Network. They are patient and give me lots of support in the different areas of my business. I would pay $100 for my membership just to make sure they are still here to help me. I renew my membership every year and get quick service when I call and ask for help. I care for my granddaughter and other people's children, and CCRN staff are patient and walk me through step-by-step issues I have."

Darniece Fasion-Douglas, Group Family Child Care Provider

January 2017


Assistance with Best Practices and Inspections

"I am writing to express my deep gratitude for Child Care Resource Network. On Monday, May 2nd, 2016, Skies the Limit Child Care LLC, completed or initial renewal inspection. We have been open for almost two years now, and our center was found to be 100% compliant. Our licensor actually used the term "phenomenal" when describing how impressed she was with our renewal inspection.

I feel we owe a great deal to CCRN for assisting us in our high standard of care for our students and center. There are no true words to express how thankful I am as a new director to have worked with CCRN over the past year. We are happy to be a registered professional member. I look forward to continuing a close relationship with the agency to make our early childhood field the best it can be. My only regret is that I didn't contact CCRN sooner! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all Child Care Resource Network has done, and will continue to do for the early childhood field."

Cheri Nowicki, M.S.Ed.

Owner, Child Care Center

June 2016