Meet the Stabilization Team

October 5, 2021

In August New York State released funding for child care providers to help get them back on their feet after the struggles brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. The stabilization grants are easy to apply for, and not a reimbursement-based program. These funds can be used for:

•Rent/Mortgage/Utility payments
•Payroll benefits
•Health & safety training for you or your staff
•Facility maintenance or improvements
•PPE, cleaning & sanitizing supplies
•Equipment related to COVID-19
•Goods to continue child care
•Mental health support for staff & children

To help you navigate the application process Child Care Resource Network has two Stabilization Grant Specialists on staff!

Meet Michael:

Michael is not only part of the Stabilization team but also does work in our Legally Exempt department. Michael has been with us since December of 2020 and is a recent graduate of Villa Maria College where he received a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s in psychology. Michael’s favorite part of working on the Stabilization team is working with all of the providers and helping them manage the application process.





Meet Christine:

Christine also joined our team in December of 2020 and works both on the Stabilization Grant and in our Legally Exempt department. Christine is a former child care provider. Her favorite part of working on the Stabilization Grant so far is talking with all the child care providers. So many have said that this grant was a lifeline for their program and that this is what helps them keep their doors open.




To get more information or application help please reach out to our office 716-877-6666

As we move forward the stabilization team will be offering additional resources for providers to help them navigate the following months. Like this opportunity to understand the tax implications of the Stabilization grant hosted by Tom Copeland

Find the presentation slides here